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CPR and First Aid Training Program

Invest in Your Community's Safety through CPR and First Aid Training


Top Rated CPR Course in Prescott, Arizona

At Granite Mountain Training, we take pride in offering the highest-rated CPR training program in Arizona. Our comprehensive training equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently respond to life-threatening situations. Whether you are a healthcare professional, teacher, parent, or simply a concerned citizen, our course is designed to empower you to save lives.

Join us to learn the latest protocols and techniques taught by experienced instructors who prioritize hands-on practice and real-life scenarios. We believe that practical training enhances confidence and increases the chances of successful interventions. Our curriculum is updated regularly to ensure you receive the most up-to-date information and training methods.

Life is unpredictable. Be prepared.

Enroll Now and Become a Certified Life Saver


Locals Choose Our First Aid & CPR Course for its Unique Approach

When your community is faced with an emergency, it's crucial to know how to react promptly and effectively. That's why locals choose our First Aid & CPR course. We go beyond the basics and offer a unique approach that emphasizes situational awareness, practical problem-solving, and teamwork.

In addition to traditional CPR training, our course covers a range of first aid skills - from assessing injuries to administering necessary treatments. Our instructors emphasize the practical application of these techniques, allowing you to develop the skills needed in real-life emergencies.

Take the first step towards becoming a certified life saver. Enroll in our CPR and First Aid course today.


Don't wait for an emergency to happen – invest in your own skills and the safety of your community.


Contact us now and be prepared for any situation life throws your way.

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